"Black Intimacy" Series 
"Black intimacy" is a powerful and evocative concept that aims to capture the emotional, physical, and psychological connection shared between a black couple. It's a celebration of love, affection, and the unique dynamics that exist within black relationships...touch, submission...


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The Kitchen Do Series Part 1 & 2
What is a kitchen do? A kitchen do is a hair do done right in the kitchen. 
Much love to all of the Black Beauticians that started from and are still doing hair right in their kitchen, you get the job done. Black women hair hands are really different. Think of all of the hairstyles that your stylist has done in the kitchen. From braids, ponytails, to silk presses right from the gas stove...nobody does hair better than Black Woman, period. Ok 
The Kitchen Do Series Part 1 & 2
Creating this photo series allowed me toreminisce in all of the times I got my hair done in a kitchen. It brought back memories of me leaning over the sink to get my hair washed and sitting so long my until my butt was numb, LOL. It made me think of the countless braids, silk presses and ponytails I have gotten done in "Somebody's Kitchen". This photo series allowed me to be creative and innovative. I was inspired by Carrie Mae Weems "Kitchen Table Series".