Dope or Nope | Is the garden state afraid to branch out?

Staff Writer Bryan Staton

 In a state with a rich history of political corruption , gangland executions(bloods crips mafia etc ) and racism , what does the future hold for the citizens? Being one of the last states to abolish slavery, they made it official in 1804 but some slaves were held until 1865(ironically , the same year Lincoln was assassinated) Also, this is where Assata Shakur was convicted for fatally wounding a NJ State Trooper in 1973. Last but not least, Rubin “Hurricane” Carter was wrongfully accused of a triple homicide in 1966 in Patterson NJ. Just combing over these facts will give the reader an anxiety attack, and in 2018 there is still no relief. In 2010 former governor Jon Corizine signed a bill for medical cannabis for its citizens but only in extreme cases, and since then the state has only made small strides. In 2011, with only 16 states allowing medical

Cannabis, NJ was labeled the most strict. But maybe there’s a glimpse of hope, as of January the garden state has a new governor , exit Chris christIE enter Phil Murray. Governor Murray promises to make marijuana legal for all within his first year. Maybe it’s to cut back on the 35,000 yearly marijuana arrest, maybe it’s the $60 million tax budget he included, or maybe the NJ Weed Man finally got through to someone(lol) .Even though I’m no longer a citizen of my birth state governor Murray has my support from a distance. But what can he do for the gun laws.......

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  • Extremely well written for a guy from West Trenton!

    • Josh B
  • I think it was a good article because it had a lot of information like when you talked about slavery and for how long they were held.

    • Bryan Staton jr
  • Good read! Guess that’s why they call it “Dirty Jerz” 🤔

    • K-Rash
  • Beautifully written by an exceptionally well rounded and informed young man. Keep writing!

    • Cathy Staton