Dope or Nope | Come back to earth (an anonymous letter)

Written by Anonymous 

Cognitive dissonance. Cognitive dissonance and unresolved grief. Maybe a concussion from the car accident in 2002. I’m not sure if there is a physiological term for this but throw some self sabotage in there as well. Not being surrounded...

Listen | J.I.D - 151 Rum

Freshmen year

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Mongo Mondays | Gnarcotic Shit



Written by Bryan Staton 

Listen | Maafa II [Production Tape]

The 2nd Production Tape from Ptah Imhotep Amun Ra Khepra

Dope or Nope | Stop Trying to Be God


Written by Bryan Staton

Oscar awards. 15 Grammys. 50 million albums sold. Why is the aftermath flagship artist upset??

I was huge Eminem fan in high school. From the music to the movie (8 mile)  almost everything except for the clothing line (shady LMTD) shady was everywhere. Dominating from 1999- to 2004, he gave the world D12, Obie Trice, 50 Cent & G Unit. But after the “Encore” album and a alleged relapse the biggest artist in the world would slip into obscurity, passing the baton to protégée 50 Cent. Someone...

Dope or Nope | Stargazing (Why I Stalk Wesley Snipes)


Written by Bryan Staton 

If you’re reading this take a moment and...

Dope or Nope | Fill Me??


Written by Bryan Staton

It’s something ugly plaguing the world. Something that’s time consuming, intrusive, repetitive, and often useless. What else can I be describing aside from the epitome of corporate America itself, the dreaded job Application.

I googled “What year was the first job application” and got no results so I’m going to assume it started with the first jobs.  I started working when I was just 14 years old, it was through a school program. From there I worked for a local restaurant “China Moon” and then a paper...

Dope or Nope | Future Hendrxx Crossword Puzzle


Created by Bryan Staton

Screen shot and circle what you find. Comment your total words below.

Dope Or Nope | August (8)

 Written by Bryan Staton 

As I sit here in full Kente cloth, sage and incense burn as “ A Seat At The Table” vinyl spins warding off evil European ancestors. Umi Solange (whom we give constant libations to) says “I’m weary to the ways of the world” and my mind flashes to the up and coming Black August. Black August is a commemorative month to acknowledge the life death and struggle of some of our heroes and fallen soldiers. Started within the California prison system in the late...

Dope or Nope | Clout Tech Support

Written by Bryan Staton

*thursday evening 6:17 pm. Charles “Chuck” Williams attempts to approach a beautiful woman but has insufficient clout tokens. His pleads with her to be patient while he
Contacts tech support, he assures her he is “racked up” Vintage Dope has obtained the transcript.

Tech support: {anonymous company} how may I help you?

Chuck: wtf is going on im tryna bag shorty she talking bout I’m a broke boy 

Tech support: ok sir I’d be glad to help you, what plan do you have sir?

Chuck: huh?

Tech support: how many followers do you...

Listen | MAAFA [Production Tape]

Produced by Ptah Imhotep Amun Ra Khepra


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Dope or Nope | Carry Me Home

Written by Bryan Staton

As you may know, I’m getting married soon. I’ve been having such a hard time finding groomsmen aside from the co owner of this site whom I paid to be my best man (150 USD) . I have 4 biological brothers so it’s shouldn’t be such a problem right? Nope. Anyway, last night I was watching ghost and Tasha burry Raina, and I was thinking who will be my Paul bearers? I only need 6 I should be able to handle that. Well if I had my...

Dope or Nope | UPS is Hiring


 Written by Bryan Staton 

I believe most people are con artist, chameleons, even shape shifters. Ignoring their true calling that all of us are given. You see, it’s free will and it’s God’s plan (Scorpion in stores now). Throughout American literature as well and cinema you can find instances where a person may have conned their way into a position, but ultimately couldn’t handle it. Let’s explore a few.

Iceberg Slim a/k/a Young Blood

I’m currently reading this book for the 4th time. I think our protagonist had mommy issues. Throughout his life...