Dope or Nope | 10 things we learned from Nasir

Written by Bryan Staton 

June 15, 2018 Nas Escobar dropped a Kanye West produced ep entitled “Nasir”. Not sure if this is the album Khaled waned us about but its atleast half of it. The album plays out like a retired freedom fighter who is more concerned with his future and not his humble beginning or a mobster who’s been in seclusion for the last 20 years who may be working on his memoirs. I remember asking can gods son properly articulate his views and opinions with a 7 song threshold?  but in the words of Puffy on the tape’s first song “Not for Radio” “ Lies”

While this is not a review, I created a list of 10 points that stood out to me upon my first listen(s)

1. J Edgar Hoover was black. 
I heard he was gay, but could this be???

2. Nas can sell Alaska to Russia.
You can actually see Russia from Alaska. Or Alaska from Russia depending on where you are!

3. Nas likes to spit in bitches mouthes

4. He finally responds to people who says he picks wack beats

I’ve seen a certain “dj” use this as a headline stating Nas responded to him.

5. His first house that he purchased at 22 was 11,000 square ft

I didn’t move out of my aunts attic until 24

6. Nas’s ex could be your next 

In the early 90s at the height of his career it was rumored he was the only rapper to ever date Sade 

7. I feel like nas didn’t write the 2nd verse to “Bonjour”

For 3 reasons

A. Nas spoke French. He never did that 
B it’s said I arrived bitches
C she didn’t see me coming , now she’s an eye witness

Basically I feel like whoever writes for Ye wrote that

8. Jungle is still around

With mention of him and younger bro whippin spaceships it’s good to see Day 1s are still lurking 

9. A G.O.O.D future 

Nas has an extensive track record with the label from Big Sean “Jesus Piece” to Kanye “We Major” is there room for him over there?

10. The cops did in fact shoot the kid 

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