Dope Or Nope | August (8)

 Written by Bryan Staton 

As I sit here in full Kente cloth, sage and incense burn as “ A Seat At The Table” vinyl spins warding off evil European ancestors. Umi Solange (whom we give constant libations to) says “I’m weary to the ways of the world” and my mind flashes to the up and coming Black August. Black August is a commemorative month to acknowledge the life death and struggle of some of our heroes and fallen soldiers. Started within the California prison system in the late 70s, prisoners took the time to educate themselves and others about our true history omitted from the text books. While everyone here at vintage dope maintains a clean record , we still feel the information is vital to all of our subscribers. Check out a few facts and I’m sure you’ll have a better understanding....... Kwaheri
The arrival of the first slaves in Jamestown , VA August 1619
The Haitian revolution August 1791
The Nat Turner uprising August 1831
The birth of Marcus Garvey August 1887
The march on Washington August 1963
The watts riots August 1965
The Philadelphia bombing on the MOVE family August 1978
George Jackson being held in prison serving one year to life in 1961 for a petty robbery. His younger brother Jonathan was gunned down in August of 1970 in attempt to free his brother George as well as James McClain, William Christmas, and Ruchelle McGee (only surviving member. 
The following year in August 1970 George himself was killed in a prison riot. 
Hopefully this sparked something inside of you. You come from a strong lineage. A strong pedigree. Be proud. 

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