Written by Bryan Staton 

15 mins until landing in Miami, my fiancé leans over and tells me “Dedication” from Nipsey’s debut album Victory Lap is “crazy”. I played her “Fly Crippin” 5 years ago and she told me to cut it off. Anyway I’m listening to Frank Ocean’s “Endless” or at least trying to cause my ears are clogged.

In the Uber now, dude is driving a Kia Seoul or something and he picked up another couple.
One of those weird ones where the man is smaller than the woman. So far on the radio I’ve heard Hotel California, That’s what friends are for, and Clocks it’s a good vibe. The presence of Hispanic culture is apparent , i feel like I’m watching a movie. I’ve been to Florida before but never Miami - Dade. The hotel is called “Nautilus” you know like the bob James song . Fire! So far we went to a Cuban restaurant and it was amazing. A small quaint family spot on Collins ave. Then we went to round two Miami, I officially been to all locations. I copped a Boyz ll Men t shirt I wanted this AWGE shirt tho. Shortly  after a gentleman gave me a card and said to me “I have the best weed in America” I declined but was tempted. 8:23 pm, we’re supposed to go to the Versace mansion but we don’t really want to.

2:17 Pm Saturday afternoon just waking up. Last night we were out until about 4am Wet Williesmessing with the 190 octanes. Also got denied at club story, they wanted $60 per person. I think Lil Jon was there.  4:07 PM we are in a Uber leaving Miami Beach , another passenger got dropped off in N Miami or the beginning of lil Haiti and it’s crazy how the sun didn’t shine over this part of the city the same. We ended up in Wynwood which is a art section. Took a few pics in front of paintings, murals, and graffiti from local artists. Ate fish tacos at a place called the taco stand that I highly recommend. People are scouting tickets outside of the Ella Mai concert but I don’t want to pay $20 to hear “Boo’d Up” so we got popsicles from the ice cream truck and came back to the hotel.  Drinking on the plane now on the way back to ATL I’m rocking this freaknik tee proudly. Just taking off and my fiancé is leaning but the other way due to the liquor. My ears are going to be clogged again, and instead of landing to the Nautilus I’m listening to it. I would say Miami was fun just a little to hot for me. Great place to visit but don’t want to live here. I gotta get back to the grind.

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