Dope or Nope | Lit Heaven

Written by Bryan Staton

 A true artist could never find peace on earth. Peace on earth could never find a true artist. We’re just wired different. Everyone has hang ups and idiosyncrasies but not like someone who uses a woman for a muse or drugs as a portal for mental and spiritual dimensions. As citizens as the greatest country on earth we have a constitutional right for life liberty and the pursuit of happiness and as children of a higher power we have what is called free will, so save all the holier than thou because my god is bigger than your god down here (Bronx Tale). In a time where artists (black) are being punished by streaming services for what they do off stage I took it upon myself to create a place for all artist alike. It’s called Lit Heaven. 

Once you enter the spot it’s just people,  no god no devil because it has to be some kinda judgment or hierarchy for that. It’s no paparazzi so the entertainers who passed too young and couldn’t be themselves can exist freely. There’s really no recollection of death, suddenly things just began to make sense. No old age, everyone is in their hay day like the last time you seen them. Marvin &   Tami crooning , Aaliyah & Whitney are both stunning, Big & Pac ain’t really trippin & Jam Master Jay & Dj Screw are trading  techniques. The best way I can sum it up is a 24 hour Woodstock with a new crop of legends from the 80s and 90s. While XXXTemperpedic (whatever his name is) and Kelz have to wait to experience Lit Heaven, why should they be condemned on earth and  found guilty in the court of public opinion? I’m sure if we go through Spotify’s staff we’d find a rapist, a drug user, a pedophile, maybe even a black person.


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  • Cool. I like that.

    • Krash