Dope or Nope | Stop Trying to Be God


Written by Bryan Staton

Oscar awards. 15 Grammys. 50 million albums sold. Why is the aftermath flagship artist upset??

I was huge Eminem fan in high school. From the music to the movie (8 mile)  almost everything except for the clothing line (shady LMTD) shady was everywhere. Dominating from 1999- to 2004, he gave the world D12, Obie Trice, 50 Cent & G Unit. But after the “Encore” album and a alleged relapse the biggest artist in the world would slip into obscurity, passing the baton to protégée 50 Cent. Someone close to the Detroit legend should’ve told him “staying still will help your past catch up to you”. Every since his 2008ish return he hasn’t been the same. Claiming sobriety, talking about insecurities and shortcomings, even boasting on changes “I Look fat” ??? Far cry from
The shady I listened to in high school.

So now when he drops a surprise album “Kamikaze” why is he so angry?  How do you go from pissing people off to being sensitive. Eminem appears to be a sore winner. Naming rappers who aren’t known for ... well...... rapping. Dissing a few by name isn’t unordinary for Em, but I think this is a classic example of misplaced anger, and he’s not really upset with the artist but the fans, the labels, the streaming. I think he’s cognizant of the fact nobody wants to hear him rap his ass off flipping words and changing voices in 2018. Not that it’s weak or wack it’s just the majority of steamers or album buyers don’t want to hear that. Getting old is a hard pill to swallow, especially when  your known for popping other pills.
Why diss Tyler when content wise (goblin , bastard, even wolf) he’s the new you. Why have a pro black stance last album , and this album you diss all black rappers?  Why diss Lord Jamar for staring the facts, you’re a guest. We love you Em but don’t get too cozy, it’s not your house so you don’t call shots .

One last thing. It’s unfair to the culture when you diss rappers, and black ball rappers who diss you. To be shady then I guess you have to be shady now

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