Dope or Nope | Wasted Talent

Written by Bryan Staton

Three things are certain when dealing with rappers, trials, tribulations, and transitions. Some artist will debut young and full of bravado and sell you on morals that they will soon outgrow. Take Harlem innovator Mase for example, within 5 years he went from Murda Mase to Mase ( with the dimple and swift dance moves ) to Pastor Mason Bethea with a real life congregation in Atlanta. As a fan it’s somewhat hard to accept but eventually you’ll learn to get your dose of self righteousness elsewhere (lol) . The latest artist on deck to undergo this butterfly like metamorphosis is Robert “Meek Mill” Williams. The 31 year old philly native and MMG signee is no stranger to the system, but now it seems one of two things have occurred. Either he has been humbled by America like so many of his predecessors, or he has finally learned a valuable lesson, the proverbial higher calling. While watching tv on mute like I do so often I caught a glimpse of Meek addressing the media in a navy blue tuxedo, fresh shape up, no jewelry and he resembled MLK more than ever before. That’s when it hit me, “I like this” I said as I noticed a sense of calm replace his trademark revenge smile. Meek could potentially be an advocate for the falsely imprisoned inmates with no voice and trumped up charges (emphasis on the Trump). With a bit of media training, some speech classes and his very own Sara Sanders to filter through the BS i believe we could see this dream chaser become a dream maker. With so much progress I would hate to see him return to meaningless raps about imaginary haters, and foreigns, but if Detroit Red can transition to El Hajj Malik El Shabazz then the world should prepare for Robert Williams Philadelphia councilman. 

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  • Muchas gracias. ?Como puedo iniciar sesion?

    • jhtotfjuqd
  • Unfortunately it does often take something negative to happen to produce something positive. I am glad that he has come to a realization and can only hope that he continues to grow.

    • K-rash