Stay Alive This Summer


Written by Bryan Staton

If you’re just jumping off the porch, visiting home from school, or just coming home from a long bid Stay Alive This Summer 

If you’re plotting revenge for how cold the winter was, or getting back up from the fall Stay Alive This Summer 

Maybe there’s a monkey on your back and you feel you’re at the bottom  of society you can always spring back so Stay Alive This Summer

All trigger happy cops FREEZE 
All bullies FREEZE
All rapists & kidnappers FREEZE
Because I’m already frozen with fear if it’s ok with you I’d like to Stay Alive This Summer 

The weatherman says it’s gonna rain bullets  cuz NIGGAZ don’t know how to act when the weather crack

From Sunday to Sunday 
Memorial to Labor Day
I’ll let you know how it turns out 
That’s if I Stay Alive This Summer

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