Dope or Nope | 93 days later

Written by Bryan Staton


No longer can we use the excuse “nobody told me” or “I don’t know how” because 93 Days Ago LA rapper/entrepreneur Nipsey Hussle released his debut album “Victory Lap”. This should be all the motivation you need, this should be the audio adrenaline shot to get up get out and get something. Hussle’s music has always been rich in elegance, exclusivity, and even some hints of his Eritrean roots. While I slept on the “Bullets” trilogy, I was first On line for the Marathon. I...

Music Video | Don Q - Words of Wisdom Featuring Pusha T

Don't you ever question my greatness 

Music Video | Nyck Caution - See You In Hell

Most of y'all don't get it & most of y'all ain't shit

Music Video | NxWorries - Lyk Dis

Anderson.Paak x Knxwledge Yes Lawd !

Music Video | SZA - Garden (Say it like that)

Lie to me

Listen | Jay Rock - Win

You either with me or against me

Watch | J. Cole x Angie Martinez - Interview at Salaam Remi's House

Angie exclusive 

Watch | Cavario (Don Diva Founder)- Speaks on the streets and his balance

Know the ledge  

Did you know? | Move Movement - Philadelphia Cops Bombs home on May 13th, 1985

Death Count: 6 Adults 5 Children 309 N 33rd St Philadelphia PA

Dope or Nope | Lit Heaven

Written by Bryan Staton

 A true artist could never find peace on earth. Peace on earth could never find a true artist. We’re just wired different. Everyone has hang ups and idiosyncrasies but not like someone who uses a woman for a muse or drugs as a portal for mental and spiritual dimensions. As citizens as the greatest country on earth we have a constitutional right for life liberty and the pursuit of happiness and as children of a higher power we have what is called free will, so...

Music Video | Juicy J - Choke Hold

I was gone quit but I just relapsed

Music Video | Wale - Staying Power

Lately been feeling like niggas doubt me

Watch | Do or Die - AZ Documentary

From the 20 years later series narrated by Rakim Comment your favorite lyric or verse

Music Video | Childish Gambino - This is America

Get yo money

Dope or Nope | Wasted Talent

Written by Bryan Staton

Three things are certain when dealing with rappers, trials, tribulations, and transitions. Some artist will debut young and full of bravado and sell you on morals that they will soon outgrow. Take Harlem innovator Mase for example, within 5 years he went from Murda Mase to Mase ( with the dimple and swift dance moves ) to Pastor Mason Bethea with a real life congregation in Atlanta. As a fan it’s somewhat hard to accept but eventually you’ll learn to get your dose of self righteousness elsewhere...